Will Pizzano, CISM



Will Pizzano is the founder of Sentant, which he started to provide more modern, cloud-first solutions for startups and SMBs having sophisticated compliance and security needs.

At Sentant, Will specializes in security architecture, training and advisory. Will acts as Security Advisor and outsourced CISO to several firms.

Recently, Will served as VP & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Hustle, Inc. There, he built and managed security, IT and technical operations teams and processes; quickly achieving SOC2 Type II compliance with a clean report.

Prior to Sentant, he was Director of IT at Thrasys, Inc; where he created a HIPAA-compliant cloud security architecture from the ground up, which successfully passed the scrutiny of numerous Fortune 500 companies and independent auditors.

Mr. Pizzano is a Certified Information Security Manager® (CISM) and an active member of ISACA's San Francisco Chapter. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Political Science, Cum Laude, from the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Lior Klisman



Lior Klisman is co-founder of Sentant, and heads up Sentant's consulting and business operations as well as providing physical security practice for large commercial accounts.

Lior draws on his background in Israeli military intelligence to create solutions for physical security. He aims to satisfy compliance requirements while being convenient, yet truly effective at preventing unauthorized access. He prides himself on delivering creative solutions that provide great value and foster lasting client relationships.

Prior to Sentant, Lior worked in New York and San Francisco for private security firms for over 10 years, supervising the installation of enterprise infrastructures and security systems, i.e, access management & control, video surveillance, biometrics and alarm systems.

Mr. Klisman holds MCSE & MCSA certifications from Microsoft. He also holds an A.A in Information Technology from John-Bryce College in Tel Aviv, Israel and a B.A. in Business Management from the College of Management Academic Studies in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Craig Ledebur

Systems Administrator


Craig is a Florida native living in Seattle, Washington and provides remote support and fast-response helpdesk for Sentant's clients. Craig has nearly 20 years' experience in information technology working in enterprise, SMB and startup environments. His specialties lie in Windows, Mac and Linux administration and technical support. He also supports many cloud products such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, and migrations from on-premises to hybrid and “fully in the cloud” systems.

Craig holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Central Florida and several industry certifications.I n his spare time, he’s either traveling the world or working on renovating his home.

Ken Greenlaw

Systems Architect


As Sentant's Chief Architect, Ken Greenlaw leads the IT and Infrastructure practice at Sentant. Ken ensures our clients' infrastructure needs are met with the most elegant and effective solutions, acting as a trusted advisor to clients who understand the competitive advantage conferred by a solid, up-to-date technology infrastructure.

Ken has 27 years' experience as both an independent consultant and as a technical leader at consulting firms. His areas of expertise include networking architecture, datacenter architecture, enterprise mobility and device management, as well as security, public cloud and storage infrastructure.

Phil Guimond, OSCP

Application Security Lead


Phil Guimond leads Sentant's application security practice. He specializes in penetration testing for web and mobile applications, as well as network penetration testing. Additionally, Phil has an expertise as a "RedTeam" leader and staging drills to evaluate an organization's security posture and incident response.

Phil's interest in security came at a young age, when he first hacked his school network on a challenge from a network admin. Since then, he has worked as an independent security consultant and penetration tester. He also has significant experience as both a full stack and security-centric software developer, for large healthcare firms with stringent compliance requirements.

Phil Guimond is an Offensive Security Certified Professional® (OSCP) and a demonstrated expert in hacking techniques and RedTeam exercises. He is also one of the top-ranking contributors to StackExchange's Information Security Community.

Jonathon Bohr, OSCP

Application Security


Jonathon is a penetration testing specialist with Sentant's application security practice. He specializes in testing for vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux and web-based applications as well as performing network penetration tests on Active Directory and LDAP domains. Drawing from technical backgrounds in both computer science and information technology Jonathon assesses risks to an organization's assets in development and production environments with expertise in both.

Jonathon compromised his first Active Directory domain within a week of starting high school having already been programming in the C language for several years. He began working in a network administrative capacity as a teenager while attending the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point for political science and philosophy, later studying computer science at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Jonathon completed Pentesting With Kali Linux for Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and has worked as an independent security consultant-penetration tester.

Tim Castle

Systems Engineer


Tim Castle has over 30 years of experience supporting computers, including 14 years working in Information Technology departments in the Silicon Valley. Tim started tinkering with computers a little in high school, and quickly discovered a knack for problem-solving and a penchant for achieving business results.

Tim has experience working at startups from height of the “dot-com” boom. There, he learned how to move quickly, work independently, and wear a lot of different hats. Since then, he has worked supporting business needs in a wide variety of start-up and SMB environments.

Tim has been doing independent consulting since 2002, and have found out how grateful people can be for someone who will show up on time, listen well, and treat them with respect. He hopes you can expect the same from working with him.

Mr. Castle holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics & Computer Science from Pepperdine University.

Mario Landau-Holdsworth

Systems Engineer


Mario Landau-Holdsworth is an engineer with passion for using technology to improve our daily lives. At Sentant he helps clients to streamline operational systems and create engaging AV experiences.

Prior to joining Sentant, Mario worked at startups developing and deploying advanced wireless networking and power management systems since 2009. He co-founded EverCharge where he invented the first system designed for charging electric vehicles in apartment and condo buildings. EverCharge became a recommended charging provider for Tesla and is now deployed in high rise buildings and fleets nationwide. Mario holds a number of patents on electric vehicle, cloud, and wireless technologies.

Mario has worked extensively with AV equipment ever since his first job working at a Grammy Nominated recording studio at age 16. At the Exploratorium, he helped develop Geometry Playground, an immersive exhibit that included interactive multimedia and augmented reality installations.

In his free time, Mario enjoys volunteering at Mission Science Workshop, a children’s science enrichment program where he teaches kids about observation, engineering and tinkering with hands-on experiments.

John Maxwell

Helpdesk Engineer


Originally from Southern California, John currently lives in Portland, Oregon and provides remote support for Sentant’s clients. He has been working in information technology and computer support for almost 20 years. His specialties are primarily in windows and mac environments, data analysis, systems analysis, systems modeling, and organization.

John holds a BS in Biology, MS in Systems and Complexity Science, and GC in Computer Modeling & Simulation.

Joshua Fleitell

A/V Lead


Josh has been taking things apart since he was a little kid. Not much has changed, except now he (mostly) puts them back together again. For Sentant, this often means constructing audio-visual equipment and server racks, as well as integrating A/V and corporate systems. Joshua is proficient at multimedia coding such as Arduino and MaxMSP, A/V suites such as Touch Designer, as well as shell scripting and systems integration.

While not pushing buttons for other artists and designers, he can usually be found in the dark doing strange things with electricity; creating the things that go blink in the night. His work as a creative engineer and programmer can be seen in a variety of venues across the world, with clients ranging from Blue Man Group to the Empire State Building. He has served as technical director for the band OKGo, where he was responsible for ensuring visually-rich performances went smoothly on tour for this popular act. If you're ever been in New York City and seen the lighting on the Empire State Building or the Kosciuszko bridge, you've seen Joshua's work first hand.

Joshua holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts and worked for industry-leading multimedia firm WorldStage (formerly Scharff Weisberg) before transitioning to consulting work.

Tammy Nicholson

Executive Administrator


U.K born, have been living in the California Bay Area for 11 years.

I have 10 years experience with being an Executive Assistant and Office Manager within Silicon Valley. Often wearing both hats simultaneously. I have vast experience with multiple start-up companies and extensive experience at being able to manage multiple projects and timelines across offices in the USA and worldwide.

My style is always professional, diplomatic, and very detail and deadline-oriented. (Ex-British Navy instilled this skill!) I have a high enthusiasm for my work as it it what I love to do!

Holds Paralegal Certification from UC Santa Cruz and a CA Notary Certificate. I love to partake in continuous educational courses. There is always something new to learn!

Spare time; Loves to travel, often back to the UK, and spending time with her family, her partner and 2 grown up twin daughters who both attend college. Weekends are kept busy running my own subscription box business.


Ysiad Ferreiras



Ysiad Ferreiras is an Advisor to Sentant on strategy, business development and growth. Ysiad's experience helps ensure Sentant delivers solutions that provide return on investment by driving growth at startups.

Ysiad's has vast experience in technical consulting and operations. With roots in hedge fund consulting, he founded his own development consulting business Aardvarkium, Inc in 2010 which grew to have a team of ten engineers and fifty clients within two years. Aardvarkium was sold to and merged with Jake Roy Pillar in 2012. He also served as Director of Sales Engineering at ElasticBox, where he obtained VMWare Certification and became a subject matter expert on DevOps and enterprise infrastructure management.

Ysiad currently serves as Chief Operating Officer at Lumen Labs. Previously, Ysiad served as Chief Operations Officer at Hustle, Inc; a startup he drove growth at from inception. Ysiad studied Systems Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania as well as Harvard University.